Bestway Foundation Pakistan Flood Relief Appeal

Our Flood Relief Strategy & Achievements

Bestway Foundation launched a Pakistan Flood Relief Appeal in November 2022 with an ambitious target to raise USD1.5 million.

We are delighted to announce that we have materially exceeded our targets and raised over USD3 million.

This is entirely down to the hard work of our local teams and Bestway Group staff that have contributed over 12,000 man hours to facilitate our original activities and deliver the following impact goals:

Target Achievement Status
Food FoodProvision of food to 20,000 individuals Over 20,000 ration bags and 21,000 cooked meals provided for the benefit of 100,000 individuals Tick Completed and over achieved by 5X
Water WaterProvision of 1 million litres of clean drinking water to 100, individuals Over 20,000 water filtration units distributed in 55 villages across the country, thus providing over 1 million litres of clean drinking water. Tick Completed and achieved.
Medicine MedicineProvision of medicines to 20,000 individuals Over 20 tonnes of medicines airlifted from UK & donated to the National Disaster Management Authority for the benefit of over 100,000 individuals. Further over 3,000 individuals provided medical assistance. Tick Completed and over achieved by 5X
Shelter ShelterProvision of shelter to 5,000 families After providing 5,000 tents across 53 villages for the benefit of 100,000 individuals and thanks to the operational efficiencies achieved we shifted our focused on building permanent accommodation. We have delivered 500 houses in Issa Khel, Mianwalli, Paroa & Daraban, D I Khan to date to the affected communities. Tick Completed and overachieved

To read more about the background to the Flood Relief Appeal as well as our on-ground activities and the lasting impact they have had, please click HERE.