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After moving to the UK in 1956, Sir Anwar Pervez went on to open his first convenience store “Kashmir” in  Earl’s Court, London in 1963. Over the ensuing decade he continued to grow his convenience store estate. However, despite the growth in his business, Sir Anwar grew frustrated at not being unable to unlock more favourable terms from his wholesale supplier in spite of providing increased custom. 

It was at this point that Sir Anwar began to examine the Wholesale sector more closely and this culminated in him founding what is now Bestway Wholesale when he opened his first wholesale depot in 1976. 

Today, Bestway Wholesale has grown to become the UK’s largest independent wholesaler and serves over 130,000 independent retailers with a product line of over 25,000 items and employs over 4,500 employees across the UK.
Bestway Group has invested over £300 million into the wholesale sector, its key investments include

  • A series of organic openings and smaller acquisitions throughout the 1980s and 1990s
  • Acquisition of Batleys Plc in 2005
  • Acquisition of Conviviality Retail in 2018
  • Acquisition of Costcutter Supermarket Group in 2021
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Bestway Wholesale is the UK’s largest independent wholesaler with an 18% market share, employing over 4,500 individuals in the UK. 

Bestway Wholesale is predominantly a B2B business and serves over 130,000 retailers and 3,000 franchisees across the UK through its 59 depots, delivery network and e-commerce channels. Bestway Wholesale offers close to 6 million square feet of selling space and over 25,000 product lines. Bestway Wholesale has a network of over 200 company operated stores.

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Wine Rack convenience store
Costcutter convenience store
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Bestway Wholesale operates across a variety of sectors including convenience retail, foodservice, specialist pet and specialist world foods. It also partners with retailers across the spectrum from independent to franchisees.

Bestway Wholesale also owns and operates a number of retail brands including best-one, Costcutter, Bargain Booze, amongst others.

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Fast Facts

Bestway Wholesale

No.1 Independent Wholesaler in UK, 18% Market share

No. of Depots

63: 35 Bestway, 24 Batleys, 3 Bestpets, 1 Central Distribution

B2B Customers

130,000 Retailers, 3,000+ Franchisees

No. of Company Stores

200+ Stores, 25,000 Product Lines

Bestway Wholesale Revenue

£2.66bn Revenue, +10% Increase (2020: £2.42bn)

Retail Presence

Branded B2B proposition supplying 3,000+ franchisees and operating 200+ company operated and leased stores. Vans business
contributing £4m EBITDA annually

Retail Presence

6 million sq.ft selling space

Digital Sales

+11% Website Average Order Value, App Sales +5%, App Customers +35%

Bestway Wholesale Executive Team

  • Dawood Pervez, Managing Director, Bestway Wholesale

    Dawood Pervez
    Managing Director,
    Bestway Wholesale

  • Naser Khan, Chief Operating Officer, Bestway Wholesale

    Naser Khan
    Chief Operating Officer,
    Bestway Wholesale

  • Kenton Burchell, Trading Director, Bestway Wholesale

    Kenton Burchell
    Trading Director,
    Bestway Wholesale

  • Mike Hollis, Retail Director, Bestway Wholesale

    Mike Hollis
    Retail Director,
    Bestway Wholesale

  • Ashar Rehman, Operations Director, Bestway Wholesale

    Ashar Rehman
    Operations Director,
    Bestway Wholesale