26 January 2023


Continued Growth for Bestway Group as it Publishes Accounts for Year End June 2022

The Bestway Group, founded by Sir Anwar Pervez, OBE H Pk and led by Group Chief Executive The Lord Choudrey CBE, SI Pk has seen a growth in revenues to year end June 2022, which reached £4.51 billion with operating pre-tax profit of £398.8 million. 

The growth reflects an increase in revenues across all businesses within the Group. The strong performance has been attributed to the Group’s agility in responding to fast-changing market conditions and taking necessary measures to reduce the impact of key risks in the business with appropriate policies where possible. 

The Group was able to expand its presence across its various business units. Key highlights of the year included the installation of 62MW of solar power in Pakistan with plans to expand this to over 110MW as well as the setup of ventures in outsourcing, solar panels and paper packaging.

The Group’s portfolio includes the largest independent food wholesaler and largest independent pharmacy chain in the UK, alongside the 2nd largest cement manufacturer and 2nd largest private bank in Pakistan (UBL). In addition, the Group holds significant property investments in both the UK and Pakistan.

During the year, the Bestway Group continued its philanthropic approach, giving back to the communities in which it operates, as well as through its various subsidiaries with donations totalling more than £3m, including the establishment of The Lord Choudrey Scholarship Fund at the University of Cambridge. 

Later in the year, Pakistan was devastated by the worst flooding in the country’s history. Spearheaded by Bestway Group CFO, Haider Choudrey, the Group launched its Pakistan Flood Relief Appeal which, to date, has raised more than $2.8m. The Bestway Foundation has provided food and shelter, medical supplies and clean drinking water to over 200,000 individuals. Bestway Group employees have volunteered over 4,000-man hours to facilitate the on-ground activities in 55 villages.

Commenting on the Group’s performance, The Lord Choudrey, CEO of Bestway Group, said:

“Despite the challenging macro-economic backdrop, all our businesses have shown real resilience and the Group has exhibited both growth and stability. The year ending June 2022 has been an exceptionally volatile environment as the world emerged from the Covid pandemic and grappled with significant inflation”. 

“Despite facing these immense challenges and the subsequent turbulence that we have seen across international markets I am glad that the Group has retained its focus on growth, service and efficiency to support customers during this time”. 

“I would also like to pay tribute to all our employees for the dedication, commitment and sheer hard work that they have shown during this period. It is through our collective efforts that we ensured that our businesses continue to grow, and we continue to provide essential services the communities we operate”. 

Sir Anwar Pervez, Chairman of Bestway Group, commented:

“The Group has returned an impressive performance in 2022 and we are confident that our businesses will continue to gain share within their respective markets during 2023. The results are testament to the agility of our business model which will continue to deliver growth in the year ahead.”

Bestway Group today has a customer base of over 12 million customers and employs over 28,000 individuals, the Group supports and serves communities through its operations across the UK, Pakistan and the Middle East. Its head offices are based in Park Royal, London.