Bestway Group

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Vision Statement


At the heart of Bestway Group’s philosophy is the desire to help those less fortunate than others by supporting charities and empowering communities in United Kingdom and Pakistan.

It is my article of faith that Bestway Group companies and charitable trusts embody highest standards of corporate social responsibility by supporting local communities and stakeholders that have contributed towards the success of the businesses.

The emphasis on giving back to the community is part and parcel of the Board of Directors’ well articulated corporate strategy. By focusing on the key sectors of education and health both independently as well as in partnership with specialist organisations, the Board believes that it can empower disadvantaged sections of the local community through economic regeneration and employment creation.

Sir Anwar Pervez, OBE H Pk

Mission Statement

The advancement of education for public benefit in both the UK and overseas by providing assistance through promotion of local schools; provision of scholarships to university students; supporting education initiatives and endowing universities.

The relief of sickness and the preservation of health for public benefit in both the UK and overseas by way of grants and endowments to existing hospitals, clinics, medical research establishments; and by establishing new health facilities.

The provision of financial and material support to victims of natural disasters.

To have a significant impact on poverty reduction in Pakistan through strategic investments in affordable financial and social services catering to the poor.

The development of technical skills within the local communities in which we operate through structured apprenticeship and training programmes.

Lord Zameer Choudrey CBE SI Pk

Key Facts

For more information please download our comprehensive report ‘Bestway at the heart of the community’.