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Message from our CEO

Zameer Choudrey

Welcome to Bestway Group’s website

Since opening our first wholesale depot in 1976 we have come a long way, and today Bestway Group has grown to become a multinational conglomerate with investments across the wholesale, banking, cement, financial services, real estate and health care sectors.

Today, Bestway Group is the 17th largest privately owned company, 7th largest family owned enterprise and the largest Asian family owned business in the United Kingdom.

The Group consists of:

We provide employment to over 33,600 individuals across the globe. We serve over 6 million customers in independent retail, real estate, health care, cement manufacturing and financial services sectors across Europe, North America, East Africa, Middle East & South Asia.

Bestway Group has always prided itself on giving back to the community and donates 2.5% of its income to charitable causes through Bestway Foundation. Our charitable focus is primarily on education and health.

The success the Group has achieved over the years is due to the loyalty of our customers, the dedication of our supplier partners and the hard work and commitment of our management and staff.

This dedicated website is intended to provide an insight into the Bestway story encompassing all the different facets of our commercial, geographical and philanthropic spheres.

Lord Zameer Choudrey CBE SI Pk
Chief Executive Officer
Bestway Group